Continuous pyrolysis
complexes production

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The waste recycling
continuous pyrolysis plants

Pyrolysis is the thermal recycling technology of the municipal solid waste without pre-sorting in closed reactor chambers. The pyrolysis products (synthetic oil, pyrocarbon, pyrogas) are manufactured during the wasteless utilization of all types of the raw materials.

Waste treatment plant can combine the recycling process of the various types of raw materials simultaneously. Caloric content of mixed municipal solid wastes exceeds the energy intensity of biomass. This fact has an effect on the output pyrolysis products quality. Some types of raw materials require the installation of additional elements (for example, processing of mechanical rubber goods require special equipment for steel cord separating).

Pyrolysis utilization of waste minimizes the emission of hazardous substances into the atmosphere. Disintegration of the materials into particles occurs without access of oxygen at low temperature in the closed reactor chambers. This factor ensures environmental and operational safety of the pyrolysis process.

We are producing the waste recycling continuous pyrolysis plants of different capacities. Our engineers are ready to tailor the pyrolysis complex to the needs of the consumer.

Continuous pyrolysis complex is characterized by the high output capacity and energy efficiency. Synthetic oil, pyrogas and pyrocarbon are commercially successful products reducing essentialle the cost recovery period.


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