Continuous pyrolysis
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Technology of low temperature continuous pyrolysis

Continuous pyrolysis is the thermal recycling technology, which provides processing of dry sewage sludge, biomass, clinical or municipal waste without pre-sorting and manufacturing of commercially successful pyrolysis products.

The pyrolysis products (synthetic oil, gas and pyrocarbon) are manufactured during the wasteless recycling process of the raw materials in closed reactor chambers at low temperature (450-650 ⁰C) without oxygen access. Due to technological specifications dioxins and furans are decomposed completely, which means that there are no dioxins or furans residues in pyrolysis products content and there are no emission of toxic substances. Therefore, the technology of low temperature continuous pyrolysis ensures operational and environmental security of the recycling process.

The complex units are adjusted in such a manner that pyrolysis process goes continuously (24/7). It provides high input capability, less operation cost and technological stability.


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