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Polvax-Ukraine, LLC is an innovation-oriented Polish-Ukrainian enterprise that has been founded in early 2000. The company’s mission is to provide everyday comfort, not only for the present, but also for future generations by doing a special focus on ecology.

Polvax-Ukraine develops and manufactures a wide range of modern heating equipment. It specializes in production and distribution of modern hardware for heating, cooling and condensate removal systems. Recently, Polvax-Ukraine has started to invest into eco-innovative safe adhesive product with no formaldehyde emissions for the needs of the woodwork and construction industries.

Pyrolysis project supported by Polvax-Ukraine was started in 2000. It aims at environmental recycling of different types of waste (dry sewage sludge, municipal solid waste, hazardous materials or biomass) accompanied by quality fuel manufacturing (biogas, liquid fuel for boilers, pyrocarbon). Also, the project involves areas of waste to energy process and biochar production. The waste recycling process is based on certificated technology of low temperature continuous pyrolysis. This technology has been included into the official project of Ukrainian Waste Management Strategy.

Polvax-Ukraine is led by an experienced team of professionals with vast experience in the waste management sector, proven by technological and business expertise. The team is customer focused and technology driven in the way it conducts its business. We work to achieve the maximum efficiency of the technology and to create business enabling environment for our partners and consumers. The continuous pyrolysis complex units function successfully in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Australia and post-Soviet states.


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